Flagstaff, Arizona

Square Footage:
48,670 s.f.

Construction Cost:
$5.4 Million

May 2010


Bob Kuhn
Assistant Superintendent
Ph: 928.527.6040

More Details:
Square Footage:
Remodel                 26,000
New Construction  19,670

Construction Type:
New Construction

Cal Wadsworth Construction

K-12 Education

Flagstaff High School

Flagstaff High School is a sprawling complex of over 260, 000 square feet, with original facilities dating from the 1940’s and dozens of additions and remodels completed over the years since. The central design problem faced by JWA was to create a more student friendly, cohesive and controllable environment. In addition, the client’s program identified facility rehabilitation needs spread throughout the complex and a limited public bond-funded budget. To balance these multiple demands and limited budgets, the team created a priority list and a master plan, to be completed as funding becomes available.

The initial phase focused on athletic facilities, which were in the worst condition and posed significant safety hazards. Locker areas were gutted and home team and visitor/PE spaces were created with vandal resistant finishes. Centralized office areas were provided for passive control and security. Phase two focused on the central design problem. One wing was demolished entirely and a new central spine sliced through the complex, connecting three major portions of the campus in a highly visible, student friendly setting. The new linear gallery supports a photo-voltaic array, which will dramatically reduce the school’s energy usage. The gallery connects a new 300 seat mini-auditorium, two science lab/lecture areas and a remodeled 600 seat student common area. A new kitchen and serving area create a food court atmosphere with eight food venues offered. A new north commons area was also created for student vending and small class or performances. The commons were constructed within the original historic school and restores a portion of it’s original native stone wall construction.