Flagstaff, Arizona

Square Footage:
12,000 s.f.

Construction Cost:
$2 Million

August 2011


Bob Lombardi
Ph: 928.214.8776

More Details:
Site Area:  5 Acres

Parking Spaces:  60 Spaces

Construction Type:
New Construction

Woodruff Construction 

K-12 Education

Northland Preparatory Academy

In response to an increased enrollment and deficient existing conditions, a new 12,000 square foot Northland Preparatory Academy Expansion was proposed. The project was funded by Chase Bank of Flagstaff. The school is located on a 5 acre parcel surrounded by Soliere Avenue, 4th Street and East Sparrow Avenue. Work involved the design and construction of a new 6th and 7th Grade free standing school building adjacent to the existing buildings.

The additional square footage features two wings of classrooms. The new facilities include the central common area, girls & boys toilet rooms, staff toilets, storage areas, reception area, administration area, janitors, 4 science classrooms and 10 general classrooms. The architects and general contractor are working closely with the Coconino County Sustainable Building Program to develop a sustainable building which is more energy and resource efficient. Together we have addressed such items as weatherization and energy efficiency, recycling, rainwater collection, composting, erosion control, eco-friendly herbicides, windows, appliances, insulation and xeriscaping.