Winslow, Arizona

Square Footage:
45,000 s.f.

Construction Cost:
$6.84 Million

May 2004


Robert Mansell
Ph: 928.288.8100

More Details:
Site Area:  4.1 Acres

Construction Type:
New Construction

Smith Woods Construction

*Project was a joint venture

K-12 Education

Winslow High School

The Winslow Unified School District Project involved the design and construction of a new replacement high school. This project was funded by the Arizona School Facilities Board, and bid with the ASFB’s original cost guidelines. Johnson Walzer Associates teamed up with BPLW Architects for this project. The design included a 2 story classroom building with a free standing auditorium, built with the existing campus. The design team assisted in materials for a bond election. The project was expanded, to include a science wing, choral room and student union.