Flagstaff, Arizona

Square Footage:
28,513 s.f.

Construction Cost:
$4.5 Million

May 2004


Vivian Nolan Wayland
Ph: 928.686.6266

More Details:
Site Area:  5.86 Acres

Parking Spaces:  391 Spaces

Construction Type:
New Construction

Marcus Construction 

K-12 Education

Leupp Elementary School

In response to an increased enrollment and deficient existing conditions, the Leupp Replacement School project was funded by the Arizona School Facilities Board. This school is on the Navajo Indian Reservation, about 40 miles east of Flagstaff and serves a predominantly native population. Coordination was required with the Navajo Tribe for design and infrastructure improvements. Work involved the design and construction of a new pre K-8 school which was constructed while the existing facility was maintained in operation. Incremental demolition occurred as sections were completed. The replacement school was designed to incorporate two existing elements that were to remain; the gym and the library. The 28,513 square foot school feature a central courtyard around which functional spaces are organized. The new facilities include a central common area, a middle school wing, full service kitchen, computer labs, life skills classroom and science lab. The existing gymnasium was completely rebuilt.