Flagstaff, Arizona

Square Footage:
25,060 s.f.

Construction Cost:

July 2009


Jeff Meilbeck
General Manager 
Ph: 928.679.8900

More Details:
Professional Services: Architecture & Master Planning

Construction Type: 
Remodel & Expansion

Contractor: BEC Southwest

Civic & Public


NAIPTA is a regional organization including Coconino and Yavapai Counties. It was formed to coordinate the planning and public transportation services of the region's growing population.

NAIPTA runs the local Moutain Line transit system. They also provide services to NAU, Cottonwood, and Sedona. JWA master planned their seven acre wooded site in East Flagstaff to provide a clear growth plan to meet NAIPTA's needs for a fifteen year period. Initial construction, presently completing, includes administrative offices, bus maintenance facilities, vehicle storage areas and a fueling station. 

Future expansion will create an administration building, bus storage building, larger fueling area, and an oversized vehicle wash facility. One of the buildings is planned for a full photo voltaic array. Site development required careful separation of oversized vehicles and public parking areas. Like the planned Public Works facility, this project required conditional use permit processing, careful estimating and public meetings.