Flagstaff, Arizona

Square Footage:

Construction Cost:
$74 Million



Judy Weiss
Ph: 928.679.8004

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Construction Type:
New Construction

Design Team:
*Project was joint venture

Civic & Public

Ft. Tuthill County Park

Fort Tuthill is a regional park operated by the Coconino County Parks and Recreation Department. The site was initially developed by the Arizona Army National Guard as a summer camp, with facilities constructed in 1930. In 2004, the Fort Tuthill Historic District was established and listed on the National Park Register of Historical Places. The master planning process stretched over six months and emphasized public involvement throughout. Working with the design team, a stakeholders group created a set of four guiding principles to help define the vision for development at the park: A Year Round Facility, A Recreational Destination, Balance of Natural Area and High Activity Areas and Cultural Historic Value.

Four distinct development options were studied and presented for public input. Preferred features of each were combined into a fifth scheme, which formed the basis of the proposed master plan. This fifth scheme was presented for public input and suggestions, reviewed and incorporated into the final master plan.