Northern Arizona University

Square Footage:
1,787 s.f.

Construction Cost:

July 2014


Kathleen Viskocil
Project Manager
Ph: 928.523.6477

More Details:
Parking Spaces:  N/A

Construction Type:
New Construction

Contractor:  Loven Contracting


NAU Hazardous Waste Facility

As NAU’s research programs have expanded, so has their need to handle the resultant waste chemicals. This facility provides a central location for the safe handling of hazardous waste chemicals. It replaces four other locations on campus. The new facility has an innovative multiple zone design, intended to allow chemicals to be safely sorted by their hazard class. The project involved a detailed programming phase, which dove into the details of materials to be handled at the facility. The building is a hazard class 3, designed to address the university’s needs as it continues to develop it’s research capabilities.