Northern Arizona University

Square Footage:
16,688 s.f.

Construction Cost:
$2.2 Million

January 2009


Joe Demichele 
Ph: 928.523.7631

More Details:
Square Footage:
First Floor        13,828
Second Floor    2,860

Site Area:  1.32 Acres

Parking Spaces:  2

Construction Type:
New Construction

Flagstaff Design & Construction

**LEED Certified


The NAU Residence Life Warehouse

The University’s Residence Life department stores furniture, supplies and equipment required for maintenance for the entire network of dormitories at the Flagstaff campus. The new facility centralizes the support services function and provides adequate space for their diverse storage needs. High bay storage, efficient fork lift layout and mezzanines above support spaces maximize interior usable space. Support facilities included offices, training room, commercial laundry and repair shop. The facility is designed to match adjacent Emerald City buildings.

The project is registered with the USGBC and is now certified for LEED designation. Sustainable design concepts included use of laundry grade water for landscaping, use of recycled and salvaged materials, LEV parking, low VOC materials and day lighting. The pre-engineered structure utilized recycled steel and was regionally manufactured.